These are the Brazilians. For our school auction, they donated a Brazilian cooking lesson/lunch and I was lucky enough to win a spot.

Armenia was in charge of teaching us how to make Caipirinhas. Wow, I’d never had one before, but what an incredible treat! Scary good!

Our hostess had such a fun way of decorating. Her house is almost as stunning and inspiring as she is–she rocks everything she touches!

I’ve been so lucky to know these lovely ladies.

We were supposed to be taking cooking lessons, but we mainly just sampled all the deliciousness coming out of the kitchen.

Armenia did try to teach us a thing or two…

Check out this “gravy” for lack of the right word. It was a seafood gumbo of sorts that we then ladled over the fish and was absolutely magnificent.

I was glad to see that the ladies slaving away in the kitchen had fun, too.

This was one of the best auction items I’ve ever won!

Obrigado Armenia, Paola, Alexandra, Silvana, Hylia, and Alejandra for treating us to such a special and memorable experience!