We had a second long weekend in June so we took the train to the south of France to see some friends of ours from Oslo who are living down here for 6 months.

There was endless swimming…

and semi-pro nerf gun battles.

Their get ups were great…

as was the compound…

These three were all in class together and became great friends.

One of the nights, our friend planned for her sitter to watch all the kids and she’d go out to drinks with us at the people watching mecca, Hotel de Paris. She also made reservations for Niklas and I to have dinner afterwards at one of her favorite restaurants in Monte Carlo while she had charge of all 5 kids–what a gal!

Actually, that’s quite the understatement. Besides being gorgeous and glamorous, she’s brilliant–as evidenced by her learning Norwegian well enough in 6 months that she could take her PHD exam in that language–one of 5 she speaks.

She’s an oral surgeon with a thriving practice and could have been content with that, but a few years ago she started volunteering her time down in Africa a couple of weeks a year to help people with dental problems who would normally have no way to alleviate their chronic pain.

She’s a Harvard research fellow (at Harvard’s request). She’s well read, creates phenomenal playlists, and I won’t even go into her social circle. It just confounds Niklas and I as to how and why she befriended us, but I guess that just attests to just how generous a spirit she has!

Anyway, as we were standing there waiting for her car to be brought around, down the stairs walked Prince Albert. Yep, that’s him waving to me as I snapped his photo.

His entourage wasn’t too pleased with my invasion of privacy I guess.

Her uber cool husband (I know it’s weird that I’m not using names, but I am keeping this post anonymous on purpose) returned from his trip the next day and took the adults out on a joy ride along the coast.

Then we returned for a wonderful evening of dinner, drinks, and desert at their place while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean. Gosh, we had such an incredible time!

How we managed more eating and drinking, I’ll never know, but I guess when you’re invited to lunch with fun friends and a view like this, you rally and I’m glad we did. We met early with plenty of time for us to take the leisurely local train into Nice where we were to catch our speed train to Paris, but you now how time blinks by when you’re enjoying yourself and before we knew it, we were thirty minutes from our second train’s departure.

We took a white-knuckle car race into Nice with all of us jumping out of the cars practically before they stopped, then running OJ style through the station, and literally leaping onto the first car of the train just seconds before the doors closed. If the drivers hadn’t had run that last red light, we would have missed the train.

Thank you to our lovely friends for both the relaxation and thrills throughout the weekend! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Paris/Oslo this summer!